How to Calculate Property Transfer Fees in Cyprus

How to Calculate Property Transfer Fees in Cyprus?

So you have brought your dream home in your dream country of Cyprus and everything is running smoothly as planned and life is good!

Now all you’re waiting for is your Cyprus Title Deeds. Which also means your waiting for your Transfer Tax bill?

Calculating your Transfer Tax is very simple and is good to know so when the time comes you will not be so surprised.

To calculate your Property Transfer Fees see below:

Property Value

Up to €85,430 3%

€85,431 – €170,860 5%

Over €170, 860 8%

For example your property value is €100,000 which = €5000 transfer tax.

Although Title deeds do take awhile to be issued it is always good to know how much your transfer tax will amount to, especially in these times of financial unrest. This way you can put a little away every so often.

If you require any assistance with regards to your Title Deeds, Property purchase, resale or any property or taxation law issue our expert members of staff are always at hand.

No matter how big or small your issue maybe we can help you. Our Property Transfer Fees department is here to protect you and make sure your Cyprus investment is safe and secure.