Can I set up a trust in Cyprus?

Setting up a trust in Cyprus if you don’t live in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a very attractive package called the Cyprus International Trust.
The Cyprus International trust is for citizens who live out of Cyprus.
The beneficiaries for the Trust must also live outside of Cyprus.
It is not available to anybody Settlor (maker of the trust) or Beneficiary who lives in Cyprus.
The Trust can be left to any loved one, Friend, Family or even yourself as the Settlor.
Profit and non-profit making asset/cash/business can be included in the Trust
The trust in Cyprus must be administered however, by a Trustee who is permanently registered in Cyprus (Thus why many people appoint their Cypriot lawyer to do this)
The trust in Cyprus can last up to 100 years and can be changed at any time or cancelled at any time and there is only a one off fee for this service. It is a tax efficient as well as safe and secure way of leaving your assets in a protected environment.

If you require this service please contact our accounts department today who will advise you pf all you need to know regarding the Cyprus International Trust.