Cyprus Community Taxes

How to Cyprus Community Taxes – Want to know what community taxes I pay now that I have bought my Cyprus property?

There is no need to worry as all taxes in Cyprus are very very low, if you compare these to the UK just for example.

Once you have brought your Cyprus property there are local authority taxes to pay which is for community services such as refuge collection and street lighting etc. These taxes are very small and on average range from €80 – €300.

There are Municipality taxes paid at property value of which the rates vary from 0,1 – 0,2% paid annually. And then is sewage tax also paid annually at property value and ranges from 0,3-0,35%.

We are very happy with all tax policies in Cyprus. If you look at the UK who pays extortionate prices on absolutely everything, even just for refuge collection they get charged per weight of their rubbish!

So we are very happy and grateful for our tax systems in Cyprus.

If you require further information regarding Cyprus Community Taxes issues or property issues contact our specialized members of staff who are always at hand to help you no matter what issue you may have.