Do I have to register my boating vessel for mooring space at the Cyprus Marinas?

Registering boating vessels for mooring space at the Cyprus Marinas.

We are getting asked this question more and more of late. With new Cyprus Marina lifestyle trends up and coming and the new Marinas being built all over Cyprus many people want to know how to register their boating vessels.

It is also important to know the shipping law as each country is different. Although shipping law is governed under international law each state has its own rules and regulations so you must research these also.

If you are buying a new boating vessel you must also register your name address and details for your new vessel.

For all Cyprus marinas there are waiting lists for the mooring of your vessel. So yes you must put your name on the list in good time in order to secure a spot and not miss out.

If you require help to do this our expert members of staff are always at hand to help you. We will advise you of the legalities and where and how to register your vessel for mooring space.

We can also help with any Cyprus Marina property issues or queries you may have. Contact us today!