Documents needed for Utilities in Cyprus

Documents needed for us to connect your Utilities in Cyprus

You have decided to take the burden off your shoulders and let us deal with transferring and the utilities into your name in order to complete your dream Cyprus investment.

However, for us to perform this service for you we will require the following documents:

A signed Power of Attorney – Prepared by our office and signed by you.
A copy of the Contract of Sale
A copy of your passports
And a meter reading from the actual property – We can acquire this from the developer for new projects or from the previous owner for a resale property.
We will then visit the authorities on your behalf, saving you a trip to Cyprus!

Not only is this convenient but will also save you money on having to fly over to Cyprus.

Let the professionals handle this step for you to ensure your next visit to your new Cyprus home runs smoothly and without any hassle.

Our professional and specialized members of staff in Utilities in Cyprus will guide you every step of the way you do not have to worry about anything al all regarding your new Cyprus investment as we cover all aspects.