European Citizen Procedures

European Citizen procedures for Pensioners and Visitors

Documents you need for your application for European Citizen Procedures :

MEU1 A application ( from Immigration)
Passport or Identity card ( expiring day after 2 years)
Contract of House or Rental Agreement
Medical Insurance:
E 106 or E 121 or
Hospital Pink Card or
Private Medical Insurance from Cyprus
Bank Statements of accounts ( from Cyprus and from your country)
Pension form or income proof
Marriage Certificate
Birth Certificate
2 Photos Passport size
€ 8,54 for the leader and € 17,09 each independent

Leader: Write your details at the top of the 1st page

Independent: Write your details at the bottom of the first page

Please note that everything for European Citizen Procedures should be 1 set original and 1 set copy when you will be visiting immigration.