How to apply for a yellow slip in Cyprus

Cyprus Yellow Slip

Need help? How to apply for my yellow slip in Cyprus?

It is good to know all the Immigration Laws before you leave for a certain country. If you do not do your homework it is OK do not panic but be sure to appoint a lawyer to guide you through the Immigration laws of that country.

In Cyprus for example it is required and definitely advised for EU citizens to acquire their Yellow slip.

This can be obtained by filing in the relevant forms from the immigration office and then making an appointment with an immigration officer who will grant your yellow slip in Cyprus there and then provided you have all the relevant documents.

Please note that there are different documents needed for self employed, working employees, pensioners etc.

Whatever your circumstances contact our office in order for our immigration department to advise you on the procedure and what criteria and documents are needed for you to gain your yellow slip in Cyprus.

Our specialized members of staff are waiting for your call