How to Claim My Cyprus Title Deeds

How Can My Developer Claim My Cyprus Title Deeds?

The developer will carry out all the necessary work to claim your Cyprus Title Deeds.

They will fill out all the necessary forms and provide all the necessary documents.

With the recent problems Cyprus has faced with regards to Title Deeds we always advise for you to appoint a Cypriot Lawyer, in order to research and perform due diligence on the property as to the status of the Title Deeds, and in case there are any problems to stop you from claiming the Title Deeds.

The due diligence is a very important course of action to take and should not be ignored! From this you can determine what loans if any the developer may or may not have on the project.

But yes your developer will claim your Cyprus Title Deeds.

If you require this service contact our property department where our experienced and specialized members of staff are ready to perform due diligence for you in order to keep you fully protected.

It is better to be safe than sorry!