How to Claim my property back in Cyprus?

How to Claim my property back in Cyprus?

Claim my property in Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot Property Claims in Cyprus Occupied Area.

Turkish Cypriot Property Claims in the Republic of Cyprus

We now have many clients wanting to claim their property back, not only on the Occupied Area of Cyprus by Greek Cypriots, but also on the Republic of Cyprus by Turkish Cypriots.

And of course we welcome everybody through our office doors!

Very briefly:

We must know the full details of your case
We must see all documents you have available
We will take the case to court
Contact the Probate department for administration or deceased
Each case is individual and we give each case our full 100% percent attention.

This type of case is becoming ever more popular and our property lawyers are extensively experienced to be able to deal with any property matter you may have.

If you require this service or would just like more information pleased o contact us.

Our staff are very friendly and will guide and advise you through all procedures.

Leave it to the specialists and let us give to you what is rightfully yours!