How to connect Utility Supply in Cyprus

Connecting your Utility Supply in Cyprus.

Unless you are buying a resale property, having your electric and water connected is not always so straight forward.

With a resale property the water and electric can be transferred and connected in the same day.

However, with a new development the authorities must visit the development to make sure all is in order before they connect the main supply.

So the time frame can vary to Connecting your Utility Supply in Cyprus.

As long as everything on the development is in order there should be no delays once they connect the mains the single unit requests should cause no problems.

If there are problems on the development this is where your Cyprus lawyer will intervene.

If you require any help or have any issues with regards to your utilities or property do not hesitate in contacting our specialized members of Connecting your Utility Supply in Cyprus staff , who deal with the authorities on a regular basis.