How to Medical care in Cyprus

Medical care in Cyprus is definitely on par with the excellent medical care in Cyprus.

In fact many of the doctors here are actually trained in the UK.

As an EU citizen you will have the same benefits as the Cypriot citizens.

There is a choice of medical available.

The accident and emergency is 24 hour and open to all locals and visitors to Cyprus free of charge.

If you need further treatment from there, you can use your medical card or EU card if you have one to receive free public medical care or you can pay for the public care of which the prices are very reasonable and the care is excellent. You can also choose to consult with a private hospital or doctor for medical care of which consultations are approximately €40.00.

If you are a non-EU citizen and are not covered under your own countries insurance there are many medical insurance policies to suit all your health requirements.

You must not worry as the health care in Cyprus is exceptional and anything you need to know we can help you with.

Just contact our office and a member of staff will help with any issue you may have.