How to renew my car tax in Cyprus

The time has come once again to pay your car tax in Cyprus!

This is mandatory if you do not want the police to tow away your car.

You can pay your car tax in Cyprus at your local department of road and transport and you can also pay it at certain banks and online via the internet.

It is optional to buy one year or only six month’s car tax to renew again in another six months.

Please remember that you must also have valid Insurance and MOT to be able to renew your car tax.

If you do not renew your car tax your insurance will be deemed invalid and you will not be insured to drive.

If you are not planning to renew your car tax you must advise and show a certificate at the department of road and transport.

You will have a certain amount of time to renew your car tax but we advise you do this now rather than put it off and forget.

The new changes in law are that you no longer present your road tax in the front window of your car. Do not see this as an excuse as the police now have more power to pull you over and if you have no tax they will definitely tow away your vehicle.

Be safe rather than sorry and renew your car tax in Cyprus!