How to Sign Will in Cyprus

How to Sign Will in Cyprus

Although your Cyprus Will is very important, unfortunately you must be present at your Cyprus lawyers to sign.

It would be fantastic if there was another way of achieving this but there is not.

Your signature must be witnessed by 2 members of staff who will also Sign Will. If it is not witnessed the Will is void.

Your signature must also be signed over 2 EU stamps which must be shown exactly to you. If the signature is not exact it will be deemed void hence the whole Sign Will is void. The stamps cost €17 plus each and if not signed correctly can work out very expensive.

Therefore a visit to your Cyprus Lawyer is we have to say mandatory.

However, it is more than worth the knowledge that your assets are safe and secure.

Our probate department will put you entirely at ease and guide you through every step of making your Cyprus Will.

Do not put off this vital matter, it is one of the most important steps you will take after making your Cyprus investment.