How to Sign my Property Sale Contract in Cyprus

How to Sign my Property Sale Contract in Cyprus?

It is mandatory for you to appoint a Cypriot Lawyer when purchasing land or property in Cyprus.

Your Cypriot lawyer will go through your contract of sale with a fine tooth comb and leave no stone upturned.

Your lawyer will make sure your contract of sale is in your favour and fully protects you and your investment to the maximum.

Your Cypriot lawyer will not let you sign any agreement until it is perfect for you!

Once you and your lawyer are happy with the contract and all documents have been signed, you are fully protected and the developer must deliver your investment in accordance with all details stipulated within the signed contract of sale.

This relates to you the purchaser also. All your obligations must be fulfilled in accordance with the Property Sale Contract.

Now you/purchaser and the developer/seller are legally bound by the Property Sale Contract!

Contact our expert property law department for all your property investment requirements.

Please do not sign any documents without your Cypriot lawyer present.