How to Sell Cyprus property without Title Deeds

How to Sell Cyprus property without Title Deeds

It is a known fact that Cyprus Title deeds can take quite a while to be issued. However, people are still aware that they can still go ahead and sell their property without Title Deeds!

From the Contract of Sale is deposited at the Land Registration office you are rightfully the legal owner of the property.

You do not have to wait for the Title Deeds to be issued before you sell!

As long as you have a valid Contract of Sale and some one to buy your property, the contract of sale can be withdrawn from the Land Registration office, and a new contract of sale will be deposited in the new buyers’ name.

The Title Deeds will then be issued to them.

There are charges involved in this process which can add up to a few thousand euros payable by you the seller for cancellation fees and expenses.

Do not sit and wait for your Title deeds to be issued and be stuck in a sale you do not want or feel you can not get out of.

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