What are the Cyprus Solicitors Fees

What are the Cyprus Solicitors Fees when purchasing property

Most solicitors’ fees are 1% + VAT + Out of pocket expenses. For properties under €170,000 the usual fee is €1,700 + VAT + Out of pocket expenses.

It is always good to buy a company retainer if the lawyer offers this service as this covers you for many different services, such as the Cyprus Will for example or Cyprus Solicitors Fees.

The Retainer also protects you should any problems arise regarding your investment.

Your lawyer must always be independent, trustworthy and have no connection to the developer. Your lawyer must not gain from you choosing a specific developer.

We specialize in property law and our clients’ best interests are all that concerns us.

If you feel your lawyer is not working in your best interest you are free at any time to consult with another lawyer of your choosing.

We have one of the best property law departments in Cyprus and our knowledge is limitless. Contact our office today for any property query you may have.

We are always at your service for Cyprus Solicitors Fees!