Yellow Slip in Cyprus, Does this expire?

How to apply for my Yellow Slip in Cyprus – Does this expire?

You have decided to move to our beautiful sunny island of Cyprus and as an EU citizen we advise that you apply for your Yellow Slip which we have already covered.

The law has now changed and once you have yours we are happy to say that your Yellow Slip is for life. There is no Expiry date.

Once you have your Yellow Slip you can then go ahead and apply for your Medical card and Identity card.

We advise that you apply for yours in order for you to enjoy the full benefits Cyprus has to offer, without the Yellow Slip certain benefits are not available to you.

For full details of the benefits available to you and for the Yellow Slip procedure contact our Immigration department where a specialized member of staff will go through all you need to know.

You are in safe hands and need not worry anymore!