European Citizens are free to enter, work, live in Cyprus and also have the same opportunities in any educational institute in Cyprus.

For less than three months staying in Cyprus, the only thing needed is a valid passport not expiring in less than six months.

Within four months from the date of arrival, the European citizen is obliged to attend the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the local immigration branch of the area he is living to apply for a Registration Certificate, known as Yellow Slip. The main term of the registration procedure is to prove to the Authorities that the Applicant has secured a standard income for living in Cyprus and also has a property to live in Cyprus either by providing a Cyprus title deed or contract under his name or a rental agreement.

European Family members such as spouse and children have the same rights as the Applicant.

Family members of EU citizens who are not EU citizens can also apply through a separate procedure, providing along with the standard documents needed, proof of their relationship with the EU applicant.