Roofs on an apartment complex – who is responsible?

If you own an apartment on a complex in Cyprus, more often than not at some point during your ownership, the topic of communal roofs will have arisen. Often owners believe that the responsible person/people are the top floor apartments. This is not the case. All owners are responsible for the roofs and all owners should contribute to their maintenance and ultimately their repair if needed. Without the roof, there would be no complex, and no apartment would be complete. It seems to have the same effect as the ground areas.  A top floor flat uses the ground floors and the gardens even if they are on the top of the project and may not really use the stairs and or the communal areas.

The committee, during its management of the complex, should see to the timely maintenance and repair of the roofs to ensure that they are maintained and repaired as required to allow all owners, peaceful enjoyment of their properties in Cyprus.


For more information on committees and communal maintenance issues please contact G KOUZALIS LLC and speak with a dedicated member of staff.