Once you have registered your company in Cyprus it is important that you engage the appropriate companies/individuals and complete the appropriate registrations required to be able to legally operate your company in Cyprus.

If you are interested in registering a company in Cyprus your lawyer in Cyprus can assist you in arranging the registration. They will assist you with the memorandum of incorporation, shareholders, directors and secretary allocation and the creation of all the appropriate legal requirements for your Cyprus Company.

Once you have your company registration documents, if your company will be actively trading in Cyprus then you need to arrange:

  1. Register with the Cyprus Tax Authorities.
  2. Register with the VAT Authorities.
  3. Register with the Social Security office.
  4. Arrange to make the appropriate payments for GESY (Health Care Programme of Cyprus)

You will need to engage the services of an accountant in order to help you with your taxation issues and prepare the appropriate returns.

Every year you must ensure you pay the fee to the company registrar for your company.