When selling your property it is imperative that you ensure that all bills (municipal, electricity, telephone) and communal (any communal charges relating to the complex which you own on) are settled up to the date in which the property is transferred to the new purchaser.

If you do settle your bills, the new owner will not be burdened with these expenses and it is vital to know that you will remain liable for these fees, and any expenses in recovering these fees. The committee at your complex has the absolute legal right in pursuing you for these debts.

Your lawyer, who is knowledgeable and aware of the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, which need to be complied with when preparing your contract of sale / assignment agreement, will ensure  not only that your rights are secured when buying / selling a property but also that all your bills are paid up to the date of transfer of the property. This will prevent you from incurring additional expenses at a later date.

Use a lawyer and pay once…. Use someone else… and maybe, you will pay a lot more.

SAFEGUARD your rights.