SNK Company Administration

G. Kouzalis LLC (Subsidiary of A & G Kouzali Law Office) is officially, since August 10th the administrators for SNK Company.

We have forced ourselves to that position as we felt that we had what it takes to do the job.  The failure of the previous administrator gave us no option!

There is no time to be lost.   We have interrupted our holidays since that day to work for the sake of our clients.

From this page we will be advising all interested parties what we are doing…why are we taking that specific decision and update people as to their investments and properties.

We will provide you with photos, maps, details as to the 3 projectst of SNK Company VENUS and EXCLUSSIVE.  We need your support, advise and information.

For that reason please feel comfortable to contact us at any time regarding your issues.  Please do not believe the rumors but visit this site to see what the reality is.