What is like to be a law student? I had the same question before starting my LLB degree. Indeed, everyone can say that it is a new world, with its own distinctive language and culture. Studying law, in Scotland, has been a challenge for me, not only because of the Scottish accent which is indeed tough to understand as a foreigner but also understanding its law which operates as a hybrid legal system.

Despite those difficulties, as a summer intern at the G.Kouzalis LLC in Cyprus, I had the privilege to enhance my legal knowledge in practical footsteps. Many wonder why and how these two jurisdictions can be related; the answer derives from the English Common Law which originates in both Scottish and Cypriot laws and the EU law which harmonizes the law of its member states.

At the G.Kouzalis LLC, I perceived in practice the process of completion of a transfer of immovable properties in Cyprus. The accuracy of the contract of sales, the delivery of the disposition and the validity of the title deeds are the keys for the validation of the transfer of ownership of the immovable properties. Nevertheless, other factors such as binding the property to a bank hypothec, with unpaid debts, might expose the owner at risk of losing its property.

Consequently, studying law abroad and more particularly in a similar legal system with same legal sources like Scotland, obtain you essential as well as inevitable knowledge and skills that are required in your legal job in a Cypriot law firm.