On the 1st of March 2022, the Department of Company Registrar announced that the period for the submission of the beneficial owner’s data was extended to 31.07.2022 instead of 13.03.2022.

This was a significant announcement as many companies didn’t fulfil their obligation to submit the details of their beneficial owners into the system.

To register the details into the company registrar system, you must create first an Ariadni account in the name of the company and authenticate it at the Citizens’ Service Centre, the Company Registrar office or at the post office.  The authentication can be done directly by one of the Company’s Directors or through an authorization to a Representative. It is important to mention that if a Director of a Company has an Ariadni account, he can submit the details on behalf of the company without having to create a separate Ariadni account for the company.

G KOUZALIS LLC can assist you with the creation of the Ariadni account and the submission of the ultimate beneficial owners into the Company Registrar System.