Recently the Swiss franc mortgage issue has caused a lot of fuss and made big news! The change in the interest rates by the Swiss Government has meant many owners who took Swiss Franc Loans to fund their property purchase in Cyprus, almost double overnight.

Recently in courts all across Europe there have been several high profile lawsuits challenging the legality of the loans which many customers undertook.

At G KOUZALIS LLC we are leading the way with several class actions as well as individual lawsuits against numerous banks in Cyprus for miss-selling and miss-representation of the Swiss Franc Loans, that many of our clients were coerced into taking with the bank. May of our clients were led to believe that their loans would be affordable and the risks of such transactions were not advised to them.

Based on the requests of our clients, we have split the cases into 2 categories, those who want to keep their properties and those who want to walk away.

For the above cases, the fees are set and you pay an initial fee to begin the case, with the balance upon conclusion.

If you wish to discuss your mortgage and the possible options available to you and the cost, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.