Unlock the Benefits of the Hungary Golden Visa with GK TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS

The Hungary Golden Visa program presents an attractive opportunity for non-EU and non-EEA investors seeking residency in Europe. Introduced in November 2023 and being launched on the 1st of January 2024, this initiative allows foreign nationals to obtain a Hungarian residence permit through various investment options, opening doors to numerous advantages.

At the heart of the program lies three investment pathways:

  • residential property acquisition;
  • investment in local real estate funds;
  • substantial donation to a recognized higher education institution.
  • In detail: Residential Property Purchase

For investors seeking the Golden Visa through residential property acquisition, the minimum investment requirement is €500,000+. Investors are permitted to purchase residential real estate, subject to obtaining permission from the Land Registry. This process necessitates the involvement of a legal professional to accompany and facilitate the property transaction.

  • Real Estate Fund Investment

Investors can also qualify for the Golden Visa by investing a minimum of €250,000+ in real estate funds registered with the Hungarian National Bank. These investments must be made through the purchase of investment certificates issued by eligible real estate funds.

  • Donation to Higher Education Institutions

The third investment option for the Hungary Golden Visa program involves making a substantial donation of €1,000,000+ to a recognized institution of higher learning. The recipient institution must be maintained by a public interest trust foundation performing public tasks, and the donated funds will support education, scientific research, and artistic or creative activities.

With a minimum investment requirement of €250,000, investors can pave their way to a 10-year renewable residence permit, granting them access to the prosperous Hungarian market and the broader European economic landscape.

Note: While the Hungary Golden Visa requires an investment commitment, the holding period is designed to provide flexibility. Investors need only maintain their qualifying investment for a minimum of 5 years. However, after the initial 10-year residency period, renewal requires either continuing the original investment or making a new eligible investment – your investor advisors at GK TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS will guide and clarify for any additional feed

One of the program’s standout benefits is the visa-free travel privileges it confers within the Schengen Area, enabling investors and their families to move freely across multiple European countries.

Additionally, the Hungarian Golden Visa offers a gateway to a secure and stable environment.

Beyond personal security, the program presents significant financial advantages. Hungary boasts a remarkably low cost of living, with property prices, groceries, and entertainment expenses significantly lower than in many other European nations. This economic factor, coupled with Hungary’s favorable tax regime, including a 15% income tax rate and a 9% corporate tax rate, creates an attractive environment for investors seeking to optimize their financial planning.

Furthermore, the Hungary Golden Visa facilitates access to European banking services, enabling investors to establish accounts and deposits with local and international banks through a streamlined process. This financial integration paves the way for seamless business operations and investment activities within the European Union.

As the Hungary Golden Visa program operates on a limited quota basis, interested investors are encouraged to initiate the application process promptly by contacting GK TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS as soonest.

By working closely with experienced legal professionals at GK LLC and investment advisors at GK TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS, they can navigate the requirements efficiently, ensuring compliance with all regulations and maximizing the program’s multifaceted benefits.

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