G Kouzalis International, your independent, international, UK trained Cypriot Lawyers are pleased to confirm that the multifunctional, Urban Multi-theme Park in Ayia Napa has received approval from the Environmental Authority of the Republic of Cyprus.

This is a project which began during the Tenure of Current Minister of Transport Mr. Giannis Karoussos during his term as Mayor of Ayia Napa, will feature a central square, an artificial lake, playground, vegetable garden, mosaic park as well as outdoor shops, public toilets and washrooms, and a canteen.

The municipality has put in enormous effort providing the appropriate environmental impact assessments, as well as additional data regarding biological environments, and geological surveys to ensure that the local environment and area will not be negatively impacted.

Famagusta district has lacked a large municipal park, which other districts; Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia have and the creation and development of this area in Ayia Napa will not only enhance the local area, it will create jobs during construction and in the long term, it will develop an unused area, it will allow for personal and physical development for citizens and tourists alike and it will continue to expand the East Coast.

Perhaps now, with all the development, the government and the authorities will finally realize that Tourism in Cyprus can be an all year round destination. Increasing the income of the tiny but mighty island, the crossroads to the Middle East and Europe.