When the time gets tough

When times get tough throughout the world you get to see two types of humanity. The selfish ones and the inspirational ones.

With the recent coronavirus spreading worldwide this has been proven. You have the younger healthier people with money, panicking running to the shops and emptying the shelves of all essential items which every human being needs. What about the elderly and disabled people who can’t run to the shops? What about the people who don’t have enough cash and are waiting for money to go get the essentials for them and their family to survive? Do you think they are not panicking? Do you think they are not worried?

All people must think of the people around them and remember that not everyone is capable and have the benefits of resources like the rest of us. Also, you have the people who go around saying they don’t care if they get the coronavirus, they are healthy and can fight this. Again, have you thought that if you get the virus and you pass it on to your parents, grandparents, a person with illnesses, that they can’t fight it like you?  There are not as healthy as you? It is time to remember we are not alone in this world!

Then you have the inspiration people who remember that they are not the only ones who live in this world and that there are people out there who need their help, whether its financial support, Moral support, hope or positive vibes. I try to avoid the media as much as I can, as it is full of negativity and unfortunately people thrive off of such news, so just more and more negativity travels through media. However, I have come across some very inspiring and positive media that has made me smile and feel hopeful of humanity.

There are different groups being created helping people in need. One group has been created in our area for volunteers to give their contact details to assist the elderly and people in need, whether it’s to go buy some groceries or medicine. I can see each day more and more groups like that have been created.

However, my favourite group that was created, was Rock the LockDown on Facebook. This group was created to help everyone worldwide who is in lockdown. There are currently 125 K members from all out the word, Cyprus, UK, Italy, France and many more. This group was created for singers from all over the world to do live songs on Facebook for everyone to enjoy at this hard time. Everyday people from all over the word speak to each other and give each other hope and strength to get past this hard time. How beautiful and inspirational!

Let’s all wake up and remember that we are not the only ones on this earth and that there are others around us! Let’s remember what a beautiful thing it is for all humankind, no matter where they are from, coming together and helping each other!   Let’s remember what humanity is and that the world is a better place when we turn me to WE!