As Property Lawyers in Cyprus, G KOUZALIS LLC is often asked ‘why do I need to give you a power of attorney?’ when we are representing you in regards to your property investment transaction. By giving your Cyprus lawyer a power of attorney for a property purchase in the island, you can streamline the process and it can be very beneficial to you, having in mind that your Cyprus Property Lawyer is bound by ethics to do the BEST for you.

International Lawyers, based in Cyprus, G KOUZALIS LLC would like to outline some of the benefits of giving your lawyer a power of attorney:


Remote Transactions: If you are unable to be physically present in Cyprus to handle the property purchase process, granting a power of attorney to your Cyprus Lawyer, allows your lawyer in Cyprus to act on your behalf, facilitating remote transactions. If you are not in Cyprus and you do not give a power of attorney, you may need to proceed with signing documents through another method, such as signing at a notary and then apostilling the document for use abroad, or making a costly visit to Cyprus to complete the necessary documentation.


Timely Decision Making: Property transactions often require prompt decision-making. Granting your Cyprus Property lawyer a power of attorney enables them to make decisions quickly on your behalf, preventing delays in the purchase process.

Documentation Handling: Your Property Lawyer in Cyprus can handle all necessary documentation, including signing contracts, submitting applications, and obtaining permits, without requiring your presence for each step.


Legal Expertise: Your local Cyprus Lawyers are knowledgeable about local laws and regulations governing property transactions in Cyprus. Granting a power of attorney ensures that legal matters are handled competently and in compliance with relevant requirements.


Representation in Negotiations: Your Expert Property  Cyprus lawyer can represent your interests in negotiations with sellers, developers, or other parties involved in the transaction, ensuring that your rights and preferences are protected.


Flexibility in Scheduling: If your schedule is unpredictable or if you are unable to travel to Cyprus at specific times, granting power of attorney allows your Cyprus lawyer to proceed with the purchase process without relying on your availability.

Secure Transactions: Entrusting your lawyer in Cyprus with power of attorney provides reassurance that your interests are safeguarded throughout the property purchase process, minimizing the risk of errors or complications.

Legal Formalities:

Witnessing and Notarization: Some legal documents may require witnessing or notarization, which can be facilitated by your lawyer with power of attorney, eliminating the need for your physical presence.


Granting power of attorney to your Cyprus lawyers for a property purchase in Cyprus offers convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. By authorizing your Cyprus lawyer to act on your behalf, you can ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and that your interests are protected throughout the process. It’s essential to discuss the terms and scope of the power of attorney arrangement with your Cyprus lawyer and to clarify any questions or concerns before granting authority.

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