Republic of Cyprus ‘ strategic position for clients who work in Europe and the Middle East, its excellent climate, well-developed infrastructure, and highly skilled workforce are just some of the advantages that have made the Republic of Cyprus a major business center. The administrative, and legal systems which are clear and understandable, have contributed to the development of professional services in all areas of business, accounting, banking, law, tourism and much more…

The permanent residence through investment program in Cyprus, allows you to become a resident of this island state in the Mediterranean Sea, and get the opportunity to live and work in the Republic without any restrictions. Despite the fact that the Cyprus Investment Program (CIP), were you could obtain citizenship through the investment of €2.000.000,00 (Two Million Euro), has been abolished by the government , you still can move to Cyprus under a permanent residence permit for investors.
The permanent Residence for investors requires the purchase of a new property for the amount of €300.000,00 (Three Hundred Thousand Euro) , and then 7 years after obtaining permanent residence, the investor can apply for citizenship. Furthermore, this option has been recently enhanced by creation of number of favorable conditions for investors. Among these conditions is the abolition of the provision of the bank guarantee for your funds on the bank account, and the inclusion of commercial projects and businesses in the investment program.
It must be noted that permanent residence in Cyprus is popular among investors who are interested in tax optimization — Cyprus has a favorable tax regime, which benefits both businesses and investors. It includes only income tax of 12.5% and most other taxes have almost a zero rate. This applies to property tax, inheritance tax, retirement benefit tax, and tax on the sale of investments (bonds, shares, etc.). The benefits of the Cyprus tax regime can be enjoyed by any foreign investor, and, of course, by a participant in the immigration for investment program. Unlike many other countries, Republic of Cyprus does not require residents to have a physical presence in Cyprus permanently in order to maintain the residence permit : it is enough to come to the country every two years in order to maintain it..
To sum up, the favorable rules take the permanent residence program in Cyprus to a whole new level, offering attractive, successful and stable options for meeting investment criteria.