Your Cyprus Lawyers, G. Kouzalis Llc advise on Committees & owner information.

All owners of properties on communal complexes in Cyprus are legally obliged to contact the Cypriot Committee of the complex and provide them with the appropriate contact information which the committee requires to perform its duties in running the complex for all owners.

It is imperative that the committee has all owners contact details not only to ensure the smooth running of the complex but in the event of an emergency situation, the committee may need to contact owners to advise them of issues.

Owners should provide the below as a minimum to the committee;

  • Full name of the owner(s)
  • Contact telephone number(s) of the owner(s)
  • Email addresses of the owner(s)

That way the committee is able to communicate with all owners.

Furthermore, if an owner sells their property it is their obligation to inform the committee of the sale, settle their communal fees, and send an email to the new owner with the committee’s contact details (with cc’ to the owner). This ensures a smooth transition between owners and ensures that owners do not miss important bulletins or notices from the committee.

It is vital to note that, the committees can only use the information they hold on the owners to ensure that the complex can run smoothly and without hindrance.