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Cyprus is a Mediterranean island in which the Mediterranean Diet prevails. Cyprus is not only famous for the beautiful beaches but also for the Mediterranean tasty cuisine. One of the most famous traditional foods of Cyprus, is certainly the white cheese named Halloumi. The Greek word “almi” which means salty water gave the name halloumi […]

Dear Friends It is our firm’s policy to inform our clients immediately of any changes in rules and laws, and we are contacting you this time regarding taxes matters. On the 3rd July, the implement of the installment plan for repayment of arrears to the Department of Taxation will take place. Below, we have provided […]

Dear friends, colleagues and associates   We would like to inform you the we recently had a meeting at A’CHACHOLIS DEVELOPERS for a personal case of our clients. Whilst there, we broached the subject of title deeds to the director and he has informed us of the following: The title deeds for the following projects […]

  We are organizing a blood donation in association with the Ammochostos General Hospital in order to boost ‘blood supplies’. You, your friends, families, and associates have the power to save someone who might in turn save you. Donate blood…please join us: Date: 21th July 2017 Time: 09:00 – 11:00 Location: Ammochostos General Hospital, Christou […]