What is ‘Apostille the Power of Attorney’ or any other Document for use in Cyprus

G KOUZALIS LLC would like to clarify what the APOSTILE is and why this is required in Cyprus.

Recently this has been a common question raised by our clients and we believe that it is better to inform everyone what is the Apostille, why it is required and who does the process.

The definition of an apostille is “the authentication of a document for use in another country”.  That means that when the Power of Attorney and/or any other document is Notarized at a Notary Public, then the Notary must take certain actions to Apostille that document within the framework of that country.

The certificate of apostille confirms that the signatures, seal or stamp in other countries “e.g. UΝITED KINGDOM.” the documents must be genuine, signed in front of a professional that has the power and the qualifications to Notarize the documents so that they are accepted when presented in a country other than their own.  So, in order this document to be Apostilled, the Notary Public must send this document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they will certify that this Notary Public is eligible to sign and Notarize as a professional that is qualified to do so.  Without the Apostille, the Notarisation is not enough.

The laws of the European Union requires that our clients sign, notarize and  apostille the documents needed and in most of these cases this process is requested for a power of attorney  that needs to be signed outside of Cyprus.  Its imperative for clients to realize that any power of attorney that is notarized outside a Cyprus embassy, i.e. in a notary public, must be Apostilled as if its not, it cannot be used in Cyprus.

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