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Dear Distinguished Friends, Associates, Colleagues and Clients We take this opportunity to extend to you our warmest wishes for a happy and Prosperous 2019. This year, already has begun with concerns for many of you, Brexit being the forefront of everyone’s mind and how this will affect the world. As a British Citizen myself, this […]

Above you will find a copy of the letter we have sent to the Ministry of Interior, The commissioner for the Environment and the Urban Planning Minister, requesting them to assess the situation regarding the planning permission applications for construction in connection to the ‘population’ of trees within Cyprus. When a project / building is constructed […]

  A successful foreign investment largely depends on the chosen location, one that offers an advantageous framework to allow it to prosper. Situated at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, the small but dynamic island nation of Cyprus boasts a strategic and privileged destination for foreign investments for companies and individuals alike. Its strategic […]

Cyprus is a beautiful island that we encourage you to explore to the best of your ability! However, please keep in mind the following information before heading out to your chosen destinations to ensure your safety on the road. First and foremost, drivers in Cyprus drive on the left side of the road. NOT on […]

The International Federation of Accountants defines money laundering as ‘The funnelling of cash or other funds generated from illegal activities through legitimate financial institutions and businesses to conceal the source of the funds.’ It is therefore imperative that legislation and regulations, both domestic and international accompanied by professional ethics serve as the tools of society […]

Every owner of a property in Cyprus is liable to pay their Immovable property Tax, which is due and payable each year until the year 2016 to the Tax Office. (If there is more than one owner, each owner is responsible to pay their share of the Immovable Property taxes, which are divided equally between […]