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Αγαπητοί πελάτες, συνεργάτες, συνεργάτες και φίλοι Η ΤΖ. ΚΟΥΖΑΛΗΣ Δ.Ε.Π.Ε., επιθυμεί να σας ενημερώσει ότι μετά την επίθεση που δέχθηκε το Κτηματολογίου Κύπρου στις 08 Μαρτίου 2023 από χάκερς, τα Επαρχιακά Κτηματολογικά άρχισαν πλέον να προβαίνουν σε μεταβιβάσεις τίτλων ιδιοκτησίας, υποβολές και καταθέσεις συμβολαίων, εκχωρητηρίων εγγράφων και πληρεξούσιων εγγράφων. Επιπλέον, έχει ξεκινήσει η πραγματοποίηση διαδικασιών […]


During 2023, there are many bank holidays in Cyprus. G Kouzalis LLC, would like to inform you of these dates. We have listed the days as below for your information and we have included the reason for the bank holiday.  Please note on the dates as below our offices will be closed. Friday 06/01/2023 – […]

Laws and Regulations of Lift λας ψυπρθσ

Any building with a lift is bound by the rules and regulations stipulated by the ‘Equipment and Machinery Sector’ and the ‘Machinery Inspection and Certification Unit’ of the Department of Labour Inspections. For lifts, the following laws and regulations are in place: Periodic audit and maintenance of lifts On 28.12.2012 the Safety and Health at […]

Law amending the Bicycle Traffic Regulation Law of 2018 law cyprus g kouzalis

On July 15th , the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus has voted for the amendment of the Bicycle Traffic Regulation Law of 2018 (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”). The Law, which previously has been applicable solely to bicycles, now applies to any other Personal Mobility Devices (hereinafter referred to as “the […]